stone chip repair

Do you have a chip in your windshield? Your repair may be free! Call us or stop in during normal business hours and we’ll run your insurance information through our system to see if you qualify for discounted or totally free stone chip repair. It’s amazing how many insurance companies cover this common issue and you may not even realize it! Again, this service is COMPLETELY FREE TO YOU! It’s definitely worth the small amount of effort to find out if you qualify.

windshield/window replacement

Glass breaks, we understand that, and we’re here for you.
Maybe it was a collision with another vehicle or concrete barrier that wasn’t supposed to be bumped..
It could be that you hit an extra heavy june bug while cruising down the highway
Got kids? we know those stray baseballs can really pack a punch.
Or simply a stone chip that got a little out of hand and traveled across your windshield.

The good news is that we offer complete windshield replacement for your vehicle. Actually why stop with just windshields? You never know where that stray baseball might decide to hit.. we can replace any window in your vehicle, and can get you some new side mirrors as well! (Hey, we know that those things sometimes stick out just far enough to catch on things and do some nasty damage.)

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